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Nonprofit Services

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Nonprofit Services provided

Contract CFO, Controller and Accounting Outsourcing Specialist; New York State Education Department, OPWDD, NYC Child Welfare System ACS, NYS -OCFS and OMH programs

Served a liaison between Federal and State audits of NYS Nonprofits

Managing Nonprofit School Reconciliation Tuition Rates ("RTR") to current spending and suggesting changes to support RTR

Manage Nonprofit Residential and Day Program Post Attestation authorized service documentation audits and Billing cap reconciliation in accordance with Appendix K

Establish internal audit function for Nonprofits to comply with Office of Medicaid Inspector General (“OMIG”) revenue and billing audits of Home and Community Based Services (“HCBS”) programs and general compliance standards of the agency.

Provide practical solutions to Nonprofits to resolve daunting tasks, introduce simplified, cohesive and comprehensive procedures for development of the accounting work to bring an agency’s books and records to make the NYS Consolidated Fiscal report (“CFR”) preparation process smooth and efficient.

Present the insights to Executive Directors, Board members and Financial staff on how their current spending patterns will support their reimbursement and what can be improved for Nonprofit entities for New York State Education Department, OPWDD, NYC Child Welfare System ACS, NYS-OCFS and OMH programs

Provide guidance for Nonprofits for revised New York State Education Department ("NYSED") Reconciling Tuition Rates on a 5-year cycle; however the reconciliation will be performed on a year by year basis.

Reconciled revenue each year for Nonprofits as the CFR is filed to know exactly where the agency stands prior to reconciliation and establishment of new rates.

Prepare Nonprofit agencies for external and governmental reviews and audits, including Office of Medicaid Inspector General (“OMIG”) audits.

Prepare for, Manage and be the Liaison to Office of Medicaid Inspector General ("OMIG") Audits for Nonprofit agencies

Prepare and submit Rate Appeals both Prospectively as well as Retrospectively for Nonprofit agencies serving NYSED.

Analysis of and planning for Nonprofit agencies for NYS OPWDD Home and Community Based Services (“HCBS”) alternating base year expenditures.

Quarterly monitoring of reimbursement trends and key reconciliations report on the results to Nonprofit agencies

Sucessfully managed mergers and acquitions for Nonprofit organizations

Independent evaluation of the Nonprofit agency's overall Financial Management, Operations & Systems Development.

Conduct Financial Feasibility Studies for Nonprofit proposed changes to program services and addition of new programs for New York State Education Department, OPWDD, NYC Child Welfare System ACS, NYS-OCFS and OMH programs


Prepare Nonprofit Financial Projections for both continuing as well as any proposed program changes by funding source.

Assist Nonprofits in Accessing the Capital Market for Agency Expansion and restructuring agency debt.

Conduct seminars, presentations, accounting workshops and staff training for Agency Financial Staff for Nonprofit agencies.

Conduct workshops for Nonprofit agencies regarding the work papers to be created before attempting to enter data on the CFR itself and provide assistance in CFR preparation and review

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